October 11, 2013

A little bit of sunshine {poeTry}

by: a.paige

a little bit of sunshine–

is it all we need
to coax a flower down a muddy field?
does it make a difference
that a gem is hidden in a rotting heap,
or that a bowl of rice appear
in tiny hands that multiply, then drop, like flies–
has our world really become a better place for it? 
still, we try...

the kind words tossed 'tween me and you
like icing, are they enticing?–
that we'd treat each other nice this way around...
the genuine smiles and joys devoid of sound,
do they really resound
much louder than all the rounds
of applause and rubbing faces, or kissing asses?
or are we just beguiled and disoriented, as we switch our ups and downs...
but we rebound...

when we're soaked in piss, knee-deep in shit
does a bit of sunshine really lift
all the gook off our slimy pits?
a warm hello, a hug goodbye...
do these make up for what makes us cry?
a gentle kiss for all our griefs
to lighten up our load–
does it convince our leaden souls again to bleed,
despite our sins? and, yet, we breathe...

Forgive they say, at least, to dispel despair
i raise a toast, instead, and say, "inhale
the air and swish a wand... invisible...
magic is invincible... a quip, a cup
of wits... words intrigue, you know.
amuse a funny bone, create a song
cajole the mind, bewitch with poems
to right the wrongs... to tame the beast, 
this terrible and beautiful thing we live...

so what if a rose has thorns?
or if sticks and stones
should break our bones,
as we stagger without the swagger, all broken and bewildered–
must the spirit succumb?
lest it lingers and ingest the seas and drown...
but to span the time and survive its scorn! –no need to be reborn...
the tides, the full moon brings–
might wash ashore the filth, the lies, we'll see...

should we shine a bit of light then
to disarm our fears?
we can only try, we can only try
to convince our souls...

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