September 20, 2012

A thousand suns. (poeTry)

by amica paige

a thousand suns
delighted days
the hands of youth
bid me away

my feet embarked

in cold dismay
impatient haste
the darkness raised

delinquent waste

my childish ways
disdain and pain
the magic, slain

no starry skies
no moonlit nights

in hunger, thirst
all joys refrain

stumbling through

an arid land
no sacred ground

my tongue was tied
in fiery haze
ill-fated man
had naught to claim

my breath was caught

my hearing gave
my sight was lost
my mind replayed

in dreams I lay

a field of hopes
a wishing well
a waterfall

my heart was stirred

my spirit saw
the life, inhaled
the soul, afloat

my feet were cleansed

when i awoke
my hunger, fed
my thirst was quenched

i bowed my head

she held my face
was touched by grace

a thousand suns

delightful days
a warm embrace
bid me to stay.

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