November 4, 2011

Timeless Fashion Sense (poeTry)

by: amica paige

***My entry for 2011 Writer's Digest November Pad Chapbook Challenge - Day 4

I just found out this morning
that my striped, green scarf goes well with
my black and red old flower dress
of three years and still counting.

With striped, long socks and calf high boots
for the colder air—I'm good to go!
Black cardigan, green handmade bag,
and drops of sparkly earrings—these ones I made
Red Fendi glasses—they're so well made!
Cell phone, car keys—I'm out the door.
Please crank up, my Hershey brown,
my sweet, ol' friend, my Sidekick pal.
We chug along every single day—
smooth or rough—doesn't matter much
when we go through it
with a wondrous spirit.

So to Oscar Wilde who said, or says instead,
for his spirit lives on indeed,
that “fashion is an ugliness so intolerable” in need
of endless alteration,
I say, “Humbug!—you good, ol' bag.
You failed to scratch the surface.
If you only looked beyond the trend
and its tiresome, fleeting artifice,
you would have found much wonder there,
stunning, classic beauties.
And your everyday would cease to be
a life of gray mundanity
and transform instead into a life
of timeless quality.

Though a plain white Tee, a good, ol' Tee—
a classic Tee—occasionally,
with jeans and sneaks,
do work, you know, in a creative life, you see.

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