October 26, 2011

In Good Company (poeTry)

by amica paige

Funny, this business of reputation is,
what tireless mental exertion it consists!
Endless weighing, forever peeping
adding, removing, and calculating
to ensure the company of the best societies
exhibiting just the finest qualities, or so it seems
on the surface at least.
In trying your best to avoid the basest--
those blatant banalities--such vulgar entities
you keep some at arms length,
less they tweet and mention your name,
thus making you vulnerable
to risky associations and immaterial organizations.
No, you don't want to be seen
by those similarly obsessed with,
or whose passions are devoted rather,
to this massive social scene.
But as followers, they're quite safe,
those mere entities attempting to connect,
Just don't reciprocate.
Or others will see
the associations you make.

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