October 19, 2011

Hollowed Night (poeTry)

by amica paige
***My entry for Writer's Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts on Halloween

A turn too late
you should have heard
the news announced
of the fearsome death
which claimed the lives
of two, we're told--
an innocent one,
the other, old.
In cheery chants
both called, in trance
the witch of yore
and the candy man
on Halloween
near hallowed grounds
just a stretch away
from fiery sounds.
A shriek!--not far beyond.
Their tires went screech
when they heard the sound.
They were bound for home
in a nearby town
to trick-or-treat
when they heard the sound.
The young one whimpered,
Please let's go.
Just a second, child,
you are safe inside.
Just making sure
that no one's hurt,
Great-grandpa said
near the hallowed grounds.
As soon as he
swung out his door,
a thing swooped in
with an eerie sound.
Next a sudden Thug!--with a sweeping noise
then--Graanndpaaaaaa! screamed the child.
And just like that, he was taken. And the old man, gone just the same.
And an evil shrill pierced the hallowed night,
a fearsome evening called Halloween.
Some steps beyond
the hallowed grounds
is a little hut in a clearing.
Unusual things are strewn about
and scraps of cloth beside a cauldron.
And in that road
is an abandoned car
with bags of candy in it.
If you catch this now
but had made that turn,
don't stop for those
infernal sounds.
Don't check outside
if someone's hurt
but quicky pass the hallowed grounds.

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