October 14, 2011

coffee, spaces, ellipsis. now what--lowercase?

blah. nothing. ellipsis...lots of it...to fill up space...instead of uhs. now what? what now? still nothing. more ellipsis...tons of it...to fill up space...instead of uhs. what now? now what? still nothing. this could go on and on. ellipsis...more of it...or is it them?--more of them...to fill up space...instead of uhs. and blanks. but you know, uhs might actually be better than blanks, or spaces. blanks or spaces...what to call the void... blanks, spaces, void... empty. nothing. what now? now what? coffee. good idea! why didn't i think of it first? you did. but you wanted to do this stream of consciousness writing thing. you've even forsaken the bathroom. okay. i cannot hurt my kidneys anymore than i might already have. so, i am now going to get up and step away from this, first to use the bathroom, next to get coffee. shouldn't it be the other way around?--coffee, then bathroom. everyone knows it's a diuretic. oh for cyring out loud!--bathroom, coffee, coffee, bathroom. what now, now what. really? tell you what--ellipsis. bathroom, coffee...coffee, bathroom, and so on and so forth... it will go on and on and on... happy now? good. it's all good. blahs, spaces, and ellipsis...bathroom and coffee...to fill the void. and lowercase. yes, and lowercase. it's all good.

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