April 15, 2011

Oh, Cheri! (poeTry)

by amica paige

***I stopped at the park a couple days ago and was awed by the instant spray of pink that was not there a few days before, but now colored the park and nicely complemented its greens. Unfortunately, I did not have a proper camera to capture the wispy vista. The following copyrighted image is what I produced with my cell phone. Knowing how fast the Cherry Blossoms would disappear, I wrote a poem to keep a vivid memory of that unexpected meeting.***
©2011 Amica Paige;

"Cherry and my sidekick"

How fast you appeared!
Without any kind of warning
Save for the dewy Spring
Your blossoms fast ripening
Yet how awfully long the year!—
Since you last visited here.

How fast do we fall in love!—
At your enchanting pink delight
Yet, in the midst of April showers
Again you’ll swiftly escape
And amiss of your lure we’ll be
Surely the rest o’ the year—oh, Cheri!

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