January 10, 2011

Wise One (poeTry)

by amica paige

Oh, wise one
Oh, truth
Oh, master of time
Oh, lord of air
Who has treaded upon the waters
and laid out the veins of earth
with fiery words?

Oh, source of light
Oh, giver of life
Oh, father of eve
Oh savior of mankind
Who has suffered the darkest depths
of the human heart,
and yet did not utter hate as his blood was shed?

In absurd gentleness
In total surrender
Who merely cried out, “Why—
Father has though, me, forsaken?”
To make way for redemption
Through unthinkable love and forgiveness
Despite the scorn of a thousand thorns and lashes?

Oh, king of kings
Oh, lord of all
Oh, wise one
Who seeks wisdom anymore
in humility and meekness
that truth might be granted to light up our lamps
when you suddenly come?

Piercing the dark with your light
to unveil the truth
and reveal all the mysteries ever hidden from man
Your word is a sword
You are the word
And the word was with God
And the word was God, through whom all things were made.

Jesus. Yeshua. Jesus.
The way, the truth, and the life.
Regardless of what man believes,
You will come again in all your glory
after the good news is preached
to the ends of the earth
Oh, God of the heavens.

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