August 26, 2010

Interview with Newsboys' Duncan Phillips

Exclusive interview with Duncan Phillips of Newsboys on the band's recent rebirth with their latest album, "Born Again", and new lead singer, long-time friend, and vocal powerhouse, Michael Tait, who may very well carry the torch, passed on to him by ex-frontman, Peter Furler, far beyond fresh starts and onto greater musical heights. This is not to say that the band's lasting vigor, with Furler in the picture, is now overshadowed and will soon be forgotten, especially considering the level that they've reached; on the contrary, Furler, Joel, Davis, Frankenstein, and Phillips would perhaps always be deemed as the quintessential Newsboys. But the band's future with Tait, formerly of dc Talk, has already proved promising, with their "Born Again" album shooting up to No.4 in its opening week on the Billboard's Top 200, alongside Sting, Eminem, and MIA. During the Newsboys' recent concert at Ocean Grove, New Jersey, Duncan sat down to reflect on his band's past, present, and future with, his family and his faith, with host, Gordon Saylor of Society's Elite. This video was recorded by Joseph Saylor and edited by yours truly.

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