July 11, 2010

Killing Unicorns is killing dolphins is killing innocent lives

Killing gentle dolphins for bait is just like slaughtering horses and feeding them to pigs to fatten them up for our consumption. It's just so WRONG. These fishermen don't think about the damage they are causing to the region's ecosystem. Whatever happened to the plain old cast-your-net to catch the fish that you massively consume. Greed and ignorance surely go hand in hand. And these twits commit this evil act because nobody's stopping them. I hope that the smarter people in that region step up immediately to stop this heinous crime. Or does the government there find catfish extremely irresistible too?—I don't even want to know. It would also be horrible to imagine what bait the twits will resort to next should they ever run out of the unsuspecting creatures in the future. Click on the following image released by the INPA for the full story from the Associated Press.

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