June 25, 2010

The Living Door

One of my quirks is catching scenes that most people don’t notice or would probably just ignore even if they did. These architectural pieces at a station, this—I don’t know, adornment?—immediately caught my attention, as my eyes are usually drawn to cool hues or dark reds. But I had very scant storage left in my camera, hence the meager clip, repeatedly pasted and edited of course; the original was a mere two seconds, so why not. Design wise and though they are visually pleasing, I don’t know why the planners even bothered with placing the two windows randomly on just one side of the door; the beautiful door with its artificial patina standing alone between the lamps would have sufficed and been more compelling and magical, if that was the look they were after. Or if they had to have the nice windows, one on each side of the door would have made a more convincing design. I’m just saying. Okay, maybe I’m reading too much into it and the structures aren’t really even what I think they are, but mere decorative wall partitions, though they surely look like a door and a pair of windows. Besides people think differently, I know. I rest my case. Anyway, I call this The Living Door, since it appears to have made a slight movement in the clip, as if it had been standing for a long time and needed to shift its weight a bit. All right, it’s only the camera’s movement. Just don’t ask me what the deal is with the windows anymore; though I do love windows. Like eyes are to the soul, they let the light in. So stay away from windowless souls, I mean rooms, unless you love being in the dark. Okay, enough said.

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