May 21, 2010

Jessica's Daily Affirmation

Haven't checked in for a while, but here's one simple but great clip actually worth squeezing in time for. One of AOL's headlines and a Parentdish post, this is a clear reminder that happiness lies in gratitude and contentment. Sadly, we, adults, forget that bit of wisdom in our efforts to succeed and find life's greatest pleasures. We abandon the very thing we seek and snatch it away from our children. They get it, at least until the grown-ups immediately prepare them for life, that they might also find success, and thus happiness. We drag them to search with us, not realizing that we ourselves slowly stamp it out of their hearts. We chisel away at their innocence and, ironically, confidence--their belief to be great and do great things in life.

But once upon a time, we, too, knew happiness. We held it, just like this little girl embraces it. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded of the simplicity of wisdom by a child, that we may just believe again in its magic.

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