November 20, 2008

Free Movies at Twilight, or anytime at Hulu

You really don't need TV nowadays, though it has become finer as part of your entertainment experience and home decor. Why not? Well, Hulu. It's an on-line site that offers everything from TV shows to movies. I stumbled on it when I was comparing car insurance companies and banks and finally ending up at, which is a great site for money matters. There are other websites that offer free movies, but Hulu is a definitely well-designed and easy on the eye among the few that I looked at. I picked this video clip of Access Hollywood, just because of the movie Twilight. If there's one person that the vampire, Edward Cullen, or even Robert Pattinson himself didn't want to bite the neck of, it's this "Dish of Salt" lady who only succeeded in making the actors so uncomfortable in their own skin that they actually looked it...and that's saying a lot about actors who are supposed to be experts in concealing their true feelings. Well, maybe the Twilight cast isn't used to the limelight yet. Give them another twilight, perhaps a sequel. But the salt dish is really a bit annoying on this interview, especially when Kristen Stewart came up. Well, Kristen handled it well. Go see and play the video. Below it is the movie trailer for Twilight.

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