October 10, 2008

Vote for Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin?...I'd rather wake up George Carlin from the dead and have a Happy Halloween.

Can you believe this? No wonder why George Carlin gave up voting. Our savings have literally disappeared right before our eyes. It's absolutely maddening and utterly revolting. Forget about who, what part, rather, of the ugly monster would you choose? Its heads or tails? Either choice(party) is insanity, with each of them spouting mouthfuls of principles that are nothing more than ignorant generalizations and unrealistic ideals about national security, retirement, health care, environment, and education. Every one of these politicians plays the blame game and spews out bloated promises, but none of them has ever taken the responsibility to say, "I'm part of the problem--me and my fat salary and undeserved benefits and bonuses while I busy myself exchanging fancy, empty words with other crooks like me", or as in the Clinton case, "...while I get busy receiving or being served..." Haven't the foulest beasts of earth always operated on the same premise of outrageous ideals and constant misinformation. These scums play with peoples' emotions by consistently using the plight of the whites or the blacks or the low income or the homeowners or the immigrants. Where is the sincere concern just for people, period. Where is the concern for their hard-earned livelihood? What about the ones who are faceless and voiceless? What about the young family of three who conscientiously work together to save, but still can't afford to purchase a home, since rent, gas, and every other expense that constitutes the monthly bills has gone up? Is there assistance available out there for the poor of the middle class? Thank God, my family doesn't have cable. If not politics, it's mostly reality shows or ludicrous extravagance being touted on TV anyway, plus doing away with cable saves us a bit of money for naked uncle sam to take and squander. Just as the emperor really has no clothes on, uncle sam is naked too you know. And yet, he does wear nice clothes, and is driven around in fancy cars, and eats the finest of meals in the swankiest hotels, and is coddled by both fab celebs and other devious big shots as they all bask in the same fab lifestyles. So uncle sam isn't actually naked, and neither are his celebrity sponsors. We might be the ones. Oh, this is all so confusing. But thank God McDonald's still offers its dollar menu; my family could dine out and have a fine meal for $3 each--sweet tea, burger or 4 pc. nuggets, and 99-cent fries while uncle sam and his cronies have to pay more for fine dining. And McCain promises us $5000 for our health care. My family should be ok, especially because I always buy the $1.29 wheat bread at Shoprite, whatever juice is on sale that's fortified with calcium for no more than $1.99, and day-old salad and rolls discounted at 50% at both A&P and Stop&Shop. I stay smart and keep on top of these things by regularly reviewing the store circulars for sales. It's the least my family and I can do while uncle sam and his parties work for our nation's welfare...

The point is what about stopping the rubbish talk and squarely acknowledging the government ills, fairly managing it with realistic solutions to problems, and neither spoiling people nor taking away their livelihood. Absurd hopes, huh? Maybe never in this lifetime.

Here's the problem: the blatant abuse of funds period. The funds get misspent and/or pilfered by greedy scums. In accounting, we were trained to trace that last missing penny to account for every item related to a company's operations: assets against liabilities, revenue versus costs, income against net loss, even petty cash. And I still apply the process to every expense my family incurs by matching receipts against the bank statements to monitor any errors. The funds are there. But they remain to be uncovered for as long as corruption in the government, and people alike, remain.

I'm tired of all this. I'm jaded and cynical. I might do a Carlin and not vote. But what would I tell my son who is learning to tune in to the speeches of the student council candidates? I'm terribly conflicted...I'll have to think more about this. I'll think it over on Halloween...which is surely enough for a Halloween scare...

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