October 28, 2008

Artsy Etsy

For a while now, I’ve had great ideas for dolls—that is, how I’d want them to look if I were to buy one for some reason or another, one of which is to play, though rather cruelly, with my husband who cringes at the mere mention of having another baby, a girl that is. Not that I’d be ecstatic at the prospect of going through the whole period all over again, from pregnancy to the toddler period—though at this age, the little creatures are so insanely adorable, well, minus the crying bouts and diaper sessions—to grade school, of which we're currently still in the process with our only child, our son. Yet, I’ve always imagined myself having a baby girl, though I love my son dearly. I guess my longings for caring for a girl can be traced back to feeling deprived of that motherly love as a young girl, that the promise of giving my own daughter that tender affection automatically grew in my subconscious. Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone else out there already has the same ideas I have before I invest my time creating the dolls, so I searched the web and stumbled on what I can only described as an invigorating artist haven. Etsy. Have you heard of it? You probably have, if you’re creative and have been creating and selling, or even buying original products from other artists and artisans like you. It’s not only a market place, but a community, for artists and/or anyone who has a heart for truly unique and hand-made things. If you haven’t, I know how overwhelming, even intimidating the creative communities could seem, let alone market places, especially for a budding creative person who has been itching to create something distinctive and looking for a stimulating place to belong. My advice is, check Etsy out. I haven’t signed on, but I know I will be when I have enough pieces to show. So get busy with your wares artists!

Here’s a bit on Etsy—"The Handmade's Tale":

And since I've always enjoyed making things for gifts, as well as occasionally purchased original creations by other artists, I'm actually quite glad that

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

This is a sign that though I can never fully separate myself from the world, I will always cherish things creatively made with bare hands, inventive eyes, and passionate hearts.

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