September 17, 2008

Remy Zero, Oprah, and Bono, please Save Me...

Here’s an amazing live performance worth watching over and over again, well, until you get sick of the phrase “Save Me”.

I hadn’t watched Smallville, since the second, or first, season. Put it this way, life happens, and when it does, it shakes your safe schedule and then some. Nothing’s set on stone, remember, except maybe the length of one’s existence written on a nicely shaped tomb. Anyway, with the show’s newly release 7th season, I was reminded of its catchy theme song by Remy Zero. No, Remy didn’t remind me. I meant the band Remy Zero sang it…I mean played it. Cinjun Tate was the vocalist, of course and no, not Bono. Come on people, give other raw talent and others in general a chance please!—especially when Oprah’s got the whole world in her hands as it is, while Bragelina—oh is it Brangel, Brang, Bran, or Bra, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those, though the last combination of two names is the best for its sheer succinctness and anyway, you know who’s got the kids backs. No, no one’s taking anyone’s child away; it isn’t our business but theirs, Madonna’s, and Britney’s anyway—no pun intended there, either, on giving others a chance to glory. I happen to appreciate U2’s music as much as I enjoyed House of pain, since my older brother continuously played it as my younger brother jumped around , and leaving me, as one might expect, with a split personality, or to put it more gently, a varied taste in music. Okay, they do sound similar, all right? Yes, Cinjun and Bono. But Bono’s even got his Nude clothing line. No it’s not a sham, like the Emperor’s clothes. It’s authentic. I mean, the apparel is, for being real. No, I don’t mean that he isn’t genuine; his motives are his business, not mine. And yes, I’m still talking about Bono and this is starting to get ridiculous, because this posting isn’t even supposed to be about him, but the band Remy Zero and its vocalist with the incredible voice. You can hardly find much raw talent like that nowadays, especially when special effects abound, like the “megaphone or intercom” effect, which gives the voice an oddly nasal and distant sound that’s so common in today’s music. Weren’t these devices previously only used for announcements by coaches and principles in schools and on sports grounds? But who dares get in the way of creativity? Surely, not I. Besides, those sound effects actually work well in most types of music, particularly those with fast beats like dance, house, and techno. Anyhow, I just found out that Remy Zero disbanded when I searched You Tube for its latest music, which was officially declared in the former band's official website. And it seems that, at first glance, anyway, meaning if you check strictly just the initial page of the massive search results, current info on the band is practically nonexistent, except for Wikipedia’s somewhat dated, general account of each of the band mates’ collaboration with other artists, though there are a few links for a tad more info on each of their new, yet not so new, musical projects after the group’s break-up. Apparently, Cinjun Tate and his brother teamed up again, like they did in Remy Zero, to form an alternative rock duo called the Spartan Fidelity, and later worked with another duo, the Yoshida Brothers, whose sound was used by Nintendo for its Wii commercial. Meanwhile, info on Cinjun Tate is even more scant, which basically reports that he’s an Alabama native who grew up with both musician and artist parents and three brothers, and who was married to Alyssa Milano. So, if you’re completely mad about Remy Zero and seriously haven’t got anything better to do than conduct a heavy research, go ahead and dig into an endless search list, otherwise, just keep listening to the already available music by the former band, or still, try to scratch the virtual surface that is Spartan Fidelity, Isidore, and Sleepwell. And do sleep well, maybe to the tune of Save Me, as you sing along right before you fall into dream's realm.

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