July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, finally!

As August approaches, I've barely just come around from my haze and grumbles about the crazy holidays to start to inhale July-- it's fireworks, sand and waves at the beach, ben and jerry's ice cream, and the dark knight, which I haven't seen yet, don't ask me why, but I was so sure as the next person awaiting the big batman and the madman, joker, that I wouldn't heave another breath until I see it on the big screen. I guess I'm just a bit more preoccupied with fall...awaiting halloween and the half-blood prince...

And then he shows up for the first time today. Here he is in a teaser trailer-- the half-blood prince! Well, of course it's really Harry Potter and him, for technicality. But that's already understood. So, go on with it. Enjoy the preview and whet your appetite that you may anticipate more intensely the day you can ingest the entire thing. It's only 144 days until November 21! It will be immense, regardless of differing opinions.

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