May 6, 2008


Nope, these figures laid on the table aren't mannequins. They're real people just like us-yes, you and me, but models, of course. I came across the article about this scene on The Urban Recluse, another writer's blog, which is as interesting as a box of chocolate, or feel free to replace the chocolate with anyone of your other obsessions, because we all have our special favorites.

Anyway, as I commented on the article, this only proves once again that there's no end in man's genius and creativity. And this is only a morsel on the tip of the iceberg of man's brilliance. We haven't seen anything yet; there's undoubtedly more behind the curtains, or in the closet. But we will behold all of man's brilliance, in time. We will, because we are a progressive class and we're the highest order. And we'll always find ways to economize. Forget dinnerware, tables, clothing-especially clothing, it's hard enough to keep up with the rising cost of everything nowadays. Save your money for rice and gas; rice is currently being rationed as it is and gas is just ridiculous. Rice is more vital, especially for sushi. Hopefully, one day we won't need gas. That's what our feet are for. It would be like Eden's paradise again. There's no doubt we'll get to that state in time. That would be when our refined culture fully fuses with our primitive nature. It's the ultimate liberation of the self, when we finally refuse to separate our human traits apart and accept them all as our one, true selves. It's perfect freedom. This is real ART we're dealing with and discretion has no place in it. It's as raw and real as life can ever get, like real sushi. However--yes, there's a pause here, because what follows is extremely important--however, there'd always be a place for shoes. We have got to have our shoes. It's one thneed the lorax can't deny our society. Shoes are made for walking, remember? Modern and primitive in total union, it's utopia. The onceler has to keep making this great thneed. We need our shoes. And soap. We need to continue producing soap. Soap is good thneed. It's among our basic necessities. Shoes and Soap. No, Shoes, Soap, and Sushi. Now, that would be a great topic for me to write about, if it hasn't already been covered by another great mind.

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