May 6, 2008

DIRT on consistent inconsistency

by amica paige

Peg dials Ted's office. She immediately hangs up after the first ring. Meanwhile, Ted is clicking away commands on the keyboard, face fixated on the computer screen, when his attention is interrupted by the one-ring call. This signals Ted to return Peg's call. They've long since conducted their calls this way after realizing that it's more economical for them to talk, regardless of the length of their conversation, if Ted initiates the call, because of their pay-per-minute plan with the phone company. Ted knows what to do after hearing the signal. He makes an E.T. and phones home. Peg picks up. From the time she dialed Ted's work number to picking up the receiver when he called back, three seconds must have elapsed. Ted's speed dial ensures this.

Peg mumbles, "Hey. I had just finished folding the clothes. DJ's asleep. By the way, I hadn't told you earlier that when we were at BK, he suggested that I get a whopper for myself since he was having a burger."

"OK, I'll read between the lines," replies Ted.

"Are you getting something for yourself?" asks Peg.

"Hell yeah."

"What are you getting?"

"A chicken sandwich."

"But I had a whopper," protests Peg.

"I'd like to share a chicken sandwich with you," reasons Ted smoothly.

"You'll buy two?" Peg asks expectantly.


"And a whopper?" Peg asks, hopeful.

"And a whopper," approves Ted.

"Teddy, this is so difficult. How am I ever going to slim down. I haven't managed so far and 2005 is ending. It's tough without a partner. I need a partner for moral support," laments Peggy.

Ted sympathizes, "You do need a partner. We're just gonna have to start watching what we eat."

"So we'll cap it tonight?" asks Peg, feeling quite encouraged.

"Yeah," Ted reassures her further.

"Alright. I'll be in the shower shortly, so you don't need to call before you head out," Peg reminds Ted.

"Okay. Bye, Peggy."

Peg returns the receiver. She feels yet again a tinge of hope about her health. It's the same feeling of encouragement she's usually had the many nights they would cap their binges with fast food.

Peg showers and looks forward to her coffee time with Ted after their meal together, when they'd talk about their day's events.

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