May 2, 2008

Earth Day, Community Date

April just passed. However, and despite my thousand and one preoccupations, I still have to talk about our 2008 and 5th Earth Day celebration here at Hudson County, NJ--check out the link here and on the side, labeled "Hudson's Home" under the heading Earth On You if you care for more info. Anyway, it was a really beautiful day at Liberty State Park, by the Hudson River and overlooking Manhattan's skyline. The event hosted various activities. It was kicked off by the adult race, which I sorely missed by a few minutes, and the fun run for the kids soon after; luckily, my son with the black shirt and red pants in the picture was able to participate. There were music for all, al fresco; children's games both outdoors and indoors at the ferry terminal; and tons of giveaways, including school supplies, toys, plants, information on numerous social and earth conscious organizations of course, and food galore!-from bagels to donuts, bananas, oranges, drinks, and even 100 calorie snacks--a Nabisco promotion, which I think is very clever of them to advertise that day. I'd definitely have to remember to skip breakfast next year because I can catch it there with loads of other treats, after participating in the early run.

This is definitely one event I've looked forward to every year since it started. It reminds me a lot of the cultural festivals held every year in the mall in Washington D.C., a few of which are the Taste of D.C., which I just found out,while writing this bit and wanting to link the event's site, to not have only been temporarily suspended, but unfortunately terminated...makes me wonder about the budget on events like this for the community...hmm..., the Smithsonian Craft Show, and the Cherry Blossom Festival. Anyway, let me get back to Earth Day. This event is truly enjoyable and informative. One thing though, I just wonder how much stuff is procured from China for freebies, like the chip bag clips or the letter openers, with Jersey City's mayor's name on them, for this event. I hope it's not an excessive amount of stuff...I mean wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the event in a way? I better end it here before my thoughts steer me elsewhere. I do love the baby blue toothbrushes and the herbs. And my son loves the owls, the oversize, sponge golf balls, and the pencils. And of course, my husband loves the food and makes sure he doesn't litter.

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